Training and Capacity Building

This includes: Training in specialized Civil & Structural Engineering Softwares such as Prokon and Auto CAD to our Personell and Students on Internships, Technical Assistance and Advisory Services to other Built Environment Consultants.

Water, Energy and Wastewater Engineering

5. Water, Energy and Wastewater Engineering Design & review of Water, Energy and Wastewater Solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial / Food Processing Facilities. These include Underground Water Tanks (Masonry and Reinforced Concrete) and Overhead Tank Towers (Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structures) Service / Fuel Station Underground Tank Farms, Wastewater Solutions such as Septic Tanks, [...]

Materials and Geotechnical Investigations

4. Materials and Geotechnical Investigations This involves obtaining information on physical properties of subsurface formations and other construction materials in Partnership with Materials Laboratories. This is done through excavation of trial pits for profiling and insist sampling of soil stratum through Dynamic Cone Penetration Equipment and further laboratory tests. SELECTED GALLERY PROJECT Project: Geotechnical Investigations, [...]

Structural Engineering Integrity Audits

3. Selected Structural Engineering Integrity Audits Projects This involves Inspections and Assessments of Structures to confirm their Structural Soundness i.e. to protect the users and public from any risks as well as the Client’s gets value for their investments. Methods involved include Visual Assessments, Non Destructive Test Methods (Rebar Scanning, Schmidt Hammer Testing & Low [...]

Construction Projects Management

2. Construction Projects Management Management of Project Scope & Operations within the constraints of Cost, Time, Quality and Risks. This includes but not limited to co-ordination of building consultants (Architect, Quantity Surveyor, Structural, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers), Tendering Processes (Documentation & Evaluation) and general Contract Administration. SELECTED GALLERY PROJECT Project: Renovations & Equipping of KNH [...]

Civil & Structural Engineering Designs

1. Civil & Structural Engineering Designs Analysis of Reinforced Concrete, Timber, Steel and Masonry Structures. The types of projects undertaken by the firm include but not limited to Residential (Single and Multi Dwelling), Commercial, Religious, Educational, Infrastructural and Industrial Facilities. SELECTED GALLERY PROJECT Project: 9 Storey Commercial Block Feruzi Towers, Kiambu Client: Gathu Holdings Ltd. [...]