3. Selected Structural Engineering Integrity Audits Projects

This involves Inspections and Assessments of Structures to confirm their Structural Soundness i.e. to protect the users and public from any risks as well as the Client’s gets value for their investments. Methods involved include

  • Visual Assessments,
  • Non Destructive Test Methods (Rebar Scanning, Schmidt Hammer Testing & Low Pulse Ultrasonic Velocity Tests) &
  • Destructive tests such as Core Coring.


Project: Structural Audit for Zimmerman Apartments, Nbi
Client: Pinner Ltd.

Typical Scmidt Hammer Testing

Project: Structural Audit for Lecture Theatre, Kiambu
Client: Kenyatta University.

Typical Pulse Ultrasonic Velocity Testing

Project: Extensions for Classrooms, Kajiado
Client: Acacia School.

Project: Completion of Residential Development, Kiambu
Client: Mr. & Mrs. Muriuki.